Logistics of finished rolls

We help with logistics of finished rolls.


Discover possibilities of WINDER2 – the first slitter on the market
designed for controlling and Work Flow.


Maximum slitting efficiency, advanced automatic functions.


Multipurpose rewinder designed for Work Flow, 100% inspection,
reinspection of pharma labels [200% inspection].


Efficient paper slitting at your fingertips.


Core cutting has never been so easy and effective.


Successful remote installation in South Africa

We did it again! Successful remote installation of JURMET’s slitter in South Africa.

Many thanks to all members of Afripack team for involvement in new JURMET’s slitter installation. Thanks to online cooperation between Afripack’s team and JURMET’s field engineers, we managed to install the slitter remotely. 

It is worth noting that this is not the first successful online installation performed by JURMET this year. As a matter of fact over the past few months due to existing travel restrictions we have been working hard with many other customers to install supplied slitters in plants situated in various countries all over the world. We can proudly announce that all the online installations and operators’ trainings we have performed during the pandemic period allowed our customers to start production quickly and successfully.