Logistics of finished rolls

We help with logistics of finished rolls.


Discover possibilities of WINDER2 – the first slitter on the market
designed for controlling and Work Flow.


Maximum slitting efficiency, advanced automatic functions.


Multipurpose rewinder designed for Work Flow, 100% inspection,
reinspection of pharma labels [200% inspection].


Efficient paper slitting at your fingertips.


Core cutting has never been so easy and effective.


JURMET's slitter-rewinders - live demo at virtual.drupa 2021 fair

As part of virtual.drupa 2021, the JURMET company organised a live demo, during which 2 slitter-rewinders were presented. The first one was equipped with an automatic knife positioning system synchronized with an automatic laser for positioning the cores at  the rewinder. The second machine did not have any additional automatic solutions. Two JURMET technicians were tasked with setting of  the machine from the work involving slitting the material into 4 reels into the work involving slitting into 8 reels. During the demonstration we proved that the use of the above-mentioned automatic functions significantly speeds up the process of changeover the machine from one job to another. In case of a slitter-rewinder equipped with automatic functions our technician set the machine in about 10 minutes, while the time needed to do the same job manually on the slitter without automatic functions was about 30 minutes.
The most noticeable benefits of using automatic functions in slitter-rewinders occur in case of the necessity to change the machine frequently to different slitting patterns and in case of work with a small volume of material.

Link to the event short version: http://bit.ly/drupaEN