WINDER3 slitter is the most advanced slitter in compact segment.


Maximum slitting efficiency, advanced automatic functions.


Multipurpose rewinder designed for Work Flow, 100% inspection,
reinspection of pharma labels [200% inspection].


Core cutting has never been so easy and effective.


JURMET at the 23rd Flexographic Forum

The 23rd Flexographic Forum took place from 13 to 14 September 2021 in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland. JURMET’s lecture about benefits of automation in slitting drew a lot of attention of the assembled guests. During the lecture we compared the setting time of a slitter with SMART CONVERTING solutions to a slitter without such solutions. We proved that a setting time of the slitter equipped with SMART CONVERTING solutions is reduced to just 10 min. compared to 30 min. required for manual setting. This option is valid in case of changing job from 4 to 8 slit reels. 

SMART CONVERTING solutions consist of automatic knife setting alongside with automatic laser pointer and automatic web guide setting. These settings are stored as a part of a job recipe. They are memorised in Main Touch screen panel and can be easily accessed by one click that causes resetting of the slitter according to the repetitive job pattern recalled from the memory. As a result the dead time is reduced considerably which increase the productivity of the whole slitter.