WINDER3 slitter is the most advanced slitter in the compact segment.

  • 1000-1850mm (39.4"-72.8")
    Web width
  • 1000mm (39.4")
    Unwind roll diameter
  • 610/800mm (24"/31.5")
    Max. rewind diameter
  • 700m/min. (2297 ft/min.)


WINDER3 - premium class compact slitter

WINDER3 is a compact slitter rewinder with an integrated unwinder. It is the top-class slitter in the compact segment. The combination of small dimensions and advanced options makes the WINDER3 slitter an ideal solution for flexographic printing houses. In order to maximize the benefits of the investment, the configuration of the WINDER3 slitter includes a shaftless unwinding station, an automatic knife positioning system, a rewinding diameter of 800mm (31.5"), a pushing bar for finished reels, an automatic core positioning system with a laser beam and a table for joining raw material on unwinding.
The unique design of the rewinding shafts allows for rewinding ID of 3" and 6" without replacing the core rewinding shafts, whereas the configuration of the rewinding diameter of 1" and 3" is optimal for the HSF film packaging. The user-friendly interface of the software allows for quick training of inexperienced operators. Additionally, it can be transferred to a separate computer or to any mobile device for online monitoring and settings. This model has been adapted to Industry 4.0 standards in the field of data management.
In addition, the slitter has been programmed in a way that allows energy recovery up to 50%.


Width of material
1000/1300/1600/1850mm (39.4"/51.2"/63"/72.8")
Unwind diameter
1000mm (39.4")
Rewind diameter
610/800mm (24"/31.5")
Max. mechanical speed
700m/min. (2297 ft/min.)
Weight of parent roll
1500 kg (3307 lbs)
Min. slitting width
25mm/1" (50mm/2" as standard)
Core ID
1", 50mm, 70mm, 3”, 120mm, 150mm, 6”
Converted material
printed / unprinted foil (PE,PP,PA,PET and other),metalised foil, laminates, shrink film, label stock film, paper ,HSF film, aluminium, para transmission film
packaging for food industry, flexo printing houses, health care materials and pharma materials