WINDER3 slitter is the most advanced slitter in compact segment.


Maximum slitting efficiency, advanced automatic functions.


Multipurpose rewinder designed for Work Flow, 100% inspection,
reinspection of pharma labels [200% inspection].


Core cutting has never been so easy and effective.


New MASTER2 successfully launched in Slovenia

Successful installation of JURMET’s heavy-duty slitter MASTER2 in Muflon, Slovenia. 

This universal slitter is designed to slit self-adhesive paper with rewind diameter of 1000 mm and other types of paper as well as monofoils.

Muflon d.o.o. is a leading manufacturer of paper established in 1973. The company produces rubberized and siliconized paper, graphic paper, security paper and ready-made paper products, as well as self-adhesive materials and foil for Slovenian and European market.

Recently Jurmet company has successfully installed a heavy duty slitter MASTER2 in Slovenia in Muflon company. This robust slitter is designed to slit heavy rolls and to rewind them on 1000 mm diameters. The converted materials are self-adhesive pressure sensitive materials, thin waxed paper 5g/m², as well as different types of paper and mono-foils. The machine is equipped with a high-class automatic knife setting system, as well as an automatic knife cleaning system from remaining glue. In addition the slitter is equipped with an adequate handling system for finished rolls.  

The customer reported to be very satisfied with the high quality of produced rolls. We hope for quick development of Muflon company, which has now a competitive equipment and can manufacture multiple types of high-quality rolls with high diameters.

Photo: Slitter MASTER2. The photo was taken during installation that took place in MUFLON d.o.o. plant in April 2024.