A success of each producer of flexible packaging is based on effective slitting, converting and print inspection of foils and self-adhesive labels.

  • 450-600mm (17.7"-23.6")
    Web width
  • 800/1016mm (31,5"/40")
    Unwind roll diameter
  • 400/600mm (15.7"/23.6")
    Max. rewind diameter
  • 500m/min. (1640 ft/min.)


LANGER4 - slitting and inspection rewinder

LANGER4 is a rewinder designated to slit and rewind tension sensitive linerless labels, self-adhesive labels, wrap around labels and other monofilms. It can also handle pharma labels and aluminium films. Great mechanical engineering combined with advanced software solutions has resulted in a designe to slit and inspect various labels. The combination of local engineering and high class German components has resulted in unrivalled break-free productivity and speed of 500 m/min. (1640 ft/min.)


Width of material

450/510/600mm (17.7"/20.1"/23.6")

Unwind diameter

800/1016mm (31,5"/40")

Rewind diameter

400/600mm (15.7"/23.6")

Max. mechanical speed

500m/min. (1640 ft/min.)

Min. slitting width

15mm (0.6")

ID core

1", 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 3", 120mm, 6"

Processed materials:

pharma labels, wrap around label, linerless labels, non supported foil labels, self-adhesive, alu labels, laminates, paper