WINDER3 - La bobinadora WINDER3 es la bobinadora de la más alta clase en el segmento de máquinas compactas.


AVANCER2 - Máximo rendimiento de corte. Funciones avanzadas y automatizadas.


LANGER4  - Rebobinadora multifuncional con inspección de 100% y Work Flow.


CATER-A  - Cortar mandriles nunca ha sido tan sencillo y eficaz.


Succesful installation of slitter WINDER3 in northern Germany

The recent installation of the WINDER3 slitter in Germany was a great success. The machine was tested in Poland and installed in northern Germany.

To our surprise, during a visit to the JURMET factory, the client asked to sign the slitter to give it a soul. This only happens when the machine is running at 110% and exceeding customer expectations.

A high-tech slitter WINDER3 with solutions such as automatic knife setting is a universal machine designed to slit various printed/unprinted materials as well as monofoils, laminates, alu, self-adhesive label base, paper etc. Its outstanding parameters including 700m/min. speed and various automated solutions make it unique and one of a kind. 


Photo: WINDER3


The photo was taken during a technical reception that took place in JURMET plant in September 2023. The slitter's width is 1600 mm and a rewinding diameter is 800 mm. The machine is signed by Katarzyna Gozdzinska - Sales Manager and she is accompanied by Robert Kwiatkowski - Technical Director.